Rolex Models That Fans of the Brand Love to Hate

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Anyone in a creative profession is aware that introducing a bold design will usually result in a mixed bag when it comes to reactions from the public. A product that appeals to one segment of the market can (and usually does) simultaneously evoke the opposite reaction from another. 

Hate will always be a part of the ecosystem, especially now that it can be expressed anonymously on the Internet. I have come across many opinions about Rolex models in my research for this blog and have noticed that there are a few model and material configurations that seem to receive the bulk of the hate from fans of the brand.

Rolex Everose Rolesor Yacht-Master II (photo: Rolex)
The model that receives the most hate, bar none, is the Yacht-Master II shown above in its Everose gold and stainless steel configuration. The reasons given range from design to color to complication. Some think the dial is cluttered with useless functions like its regatta timer. Others dislike the blue bezel with the name of the model etched on it. Like the Deepsea, its case measures 44 millimeters in diameter, but the Deepsea doesn't garner the same amount of vitriol.

Equally detested on forums and comment threads are the configurations from Rolex's Cellini range. These dress watches are the only ones offered by the watchmaker without the Oyster case. Though that isn't specified as a reason to hate them, it seems that they lack the Rolex iconography that some find important. However, many are motivated to look at the Cellini collection to find a Rolex that doesn't look like the every other Rolex.

Rolex Cellini Time (photo: Rolex)

In terms of materials, there is a contingency that loathes two-tone model configurations. Diamonds are also a polemic material choice, with some claiming they are too feminine for a man's watch (it's almost as if they forget that women buy watches, too). Yellow gold is also seen as tacky or flashy by some, but doesn't seem to invoke the same amount of hate as two tone. The 36 mm yellow gold Rolex Day-Date shown below with diamonds on the bezel and dial is a great example of a configuration that would be destroyed by Internet trolls.

Honorable mentions for the most hated Rolex models go to the 2016 Air-King, the Milgauss and the Sky-Dweller. They inspire a decent amount of bellyaching, but also have a strong core of support. They are perhaps the most polarizing models of the bunch. Another polarizing subject is case size. Fans of vintage models loath the large case sizes that have become popular in recent years while other don't think a watch with less than a 36 millimeter case size is acceptable.
36 mm Yellow Gold Rolex Day-Date with Diamonds (photo: Rolex)
Ultimately, the Rolex configurations that inspire emotional reactions, even from the biggest fans of the brand, are more telling of these people's psychological and cultural influences than the watch itself. The design and marketing teams that decide which configurations will be introduced and which will be discontinued are well aware of the haters. They are also aware that strong negative reactions are usually paired with strong positive reactions from people who don't share the same sentiments.

If there's one thing that I have learned from reading comments from haters, it's that they want to be heard. Their opinions don't tend to result in anything other than quarrels with other keyboard jockeys, but that doesn't stop them from trying to tell Rolex how to run their business. The company will likely never dignify these comments with a response, because doing so would only make the haters think even more highly of their own opinions - something that should be avoided at all costs.


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