Watch Gang Membership Service Giving Away a Rolex Every Week

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Watch Gang Membership Service (photo: Watch Gang)
Watch Gang is a membership service based in Los Angeles, California, that sends its subscribers a new watch once a month. A relatively new venture, beginning in September of 2016, the company has created a network of watch collectors that includes celebrities like Jamie Foxx and a Facebook group that has reached over 10,000 members.

The service offers three tiers of membership, varying in price and wristwatch value. Starting at $25 per month, you can become a Watch Gang Watch of the Month Member and receive a microbrand wristwatch with a Japanese movement in stainless steel and leather valued between $50 and $150. Starting at $91 per month, you can become a Watch Gang Black member and receive a premium microbrand watch with a mechanical or Swiss quartz movement valued between $150 and $500. The highest tier of membership is the Platinum level, starting at $275 per month for watches from well known brands and microbrands worth between $500 and $1500.

In a weekly giveaway sponsored by Beckertime, the company gives away a Rolex to a randomly selected member every Friday. This is advantageous for those who aren’t at an income level that justifies a Rolex purchase yet, but it also removes one of the most important aspects of collecting watches: the curation of your own collection. There is a network for members to trade watches with, but the idea of creating a watch collection based on random selection goes against the grain of what it means to be a watch geek.

Visit to learn more about their service. The company has just announced that it will partner with a new watch brand every month. While their service may not satisfy a hardcore watch geek, it is a good way to make a minimal investment in watches and have a new wristwatch every month to show for it. If you’re lucky, it could even be a Rolex.

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