Roger Federer - The "Natural" Ambassador of Rolex

April 22, 2018

Roger Federer after winning Wimbledon, wearing Rolex Datejust
Roger Federer is a Swiss Tennis player who many consider to be the greatest male tennis player of all time.  He has won more Grand Slam tournament titles (20) than any other men's singles player and he played in 30 Grand Slam finals.  He spent 308 weeks atop of the ATP Rankings, a record in the Open Era.  He also won a record breaking 8 Wimbledon titles. 

Federer has had some of the steepest competition over his years of play, facing tennis greats like Andre Agassi in his early years, Lleyton Hewitt, Andy Roddick, Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, and Rafael Nadal.  Federer is a popular player, winning several awards for sportsmanship and his humanitarianism. 

Federer has been a long-time ambassador for Rolex, wearing a large amount of beautiful Rolex timepieces over his years of tennis excellence.  Let's delve into his Rolex collection a bit deeper.

Rolex Day-Date
The Rolex Day-Date is the same model worn by Federer in the above Wimbledon Winning picture.  Federer has quite an assortment of Rolexes in his collection.  This is one of the most unique color combinations, with the green Roman Numerals on a grey dial.  The gold hands and gold and steel rolesor band and two-toned case bring together an odd assortment of colorings in my opinion.  However, winning is a style of its own, and none of that seemed to hold Federer down. 
Rolex GMT - Master II "Batman"
The Rolex GMT-Master II is nicknamed the "Batman" for its combination of Black and Blue on its bezel and all black dial.  This is a stunning timepiece and with its steel case and bracelet, it can certainly take a beating.  I specifically love the matching 24 hour hand in blue with the blue bezel.  This timepiece is clearly one of the most useful Rolexes in Federer's collection since he is traveling from his Swiss home to France, England, the US and Australia each year for his many tournaments.  The 2 time zone functionality and the fast hour setting are features which would allow him to stay rooted and yet on time for another dominant performance on the court.
Rolex Presidential Day-Date
This is a very interesting Presidential Day-Date.  Federer clearly enjoys the utility of having both the Day at the 12 o'clock position and the date at 3 o'clock in this Rolex model.  The dark blue hands and Roman numerals have a bright, yet calming appeal on its polished steel case and bracelet.  This is one of 3 timepieces where Federer has opted for the Roman numeral as his hour markers.
Presidential Day-Date
This is the other Presidential Day-Date in Federer's collection.  This time he has a pink (Everose) gold case and band, a fluted bezel and a chocolate colored dial.  I love the combination of pink gold and chocolate dial.  It is as if they were always intended to be together.  On the dial, there are pink gold hour markers with baguette shaped diamonds inside.  This is Federer's most extravagant Rolex since it is the only one with diamonds and obvious gold color.  Although he does own other gold Rolex's, they are white-gold and are less overtly valuable since they can clearly be mistaken for stainless steel.
Rolex Sky-Dweller
Federer seems to really enjoy the Rolex Sky-Dweller.  He has two of them in his collection.  This one uses a white dial and Roman numerals.  Since the Sky-Dweller combines the power of the date function and the dual time zone, it is clearly one of the most useful timepieces for a globetrotter like Federer. 
Rolex Sky-Dweller
This Rolex Sky-Dweller is absolutely stunning.  I love the dark blue with white luminescent hour markers.  The blue color is dazzling and clearly a favorite color of Federer's.  Of this collection at least 4 of these timepieces have a touch or more of the blue coloring.
Rolex Yacht-Master II

The Rolex Yacht-Master II is maybe an odd timepiece to have in Federer's collection.  I am not sure if he owns a Yacht of his own, but clearly this is a beautiful timepiece which combines the Red White and Blue elements in a very diminutive, yet appealing timepiece.  Although most of his selections are useful workhorses, Federer has earned his right to be playful.  This is the 6th Rolex in Federer's collection that utilizes either steel or white-gold as its primary color for the band and case.  Like the rest of the collection, Federer seems to go for 40 mm or greater in size which look exceptional on his fairly large sized wrist. 

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