Baselworld is Making Significant Changes Starting in 2020

January 05, 2020

Baselworld is the most iconic Watch show every single year.  It has been around for over 100 years, but it has fallen out of favor and in the past two years - it has actually lost money.  Over 1000 watchmakers and jewelry companies have dropped out of Baselworld, largely due to the high costs that attending a Baselworld event entails.  Even Breitling pulled the plug on this year's event.

So, this year marks the first in a series of changes that will catapult Baselworld back into a more profitable position. 

Live Streamed

It is amazing that although Baselworld puts on a tremendous showing of new technology in timepieces, the show itself is pretty low tech.  That changes this year.  Baselworld will be adding live streaming technology so that people that can't attend the live event, will be able to partake in all of the festivities, announcements, speaking opportunities, and more. 

Besides this, a redesigned App for visitors of the event will help visitors experience the show with more organization, direction, and technological support. 

Year-Long Baselworld

The streaming features will allow Baselworld to play and replay video captured at the show year round.  More than this, Baselworld is opening a new digital innovation center that will be available for visitors all year long.  This will extend the reach to a yearlong event rather than the 6 day event which has been constricting (becoming shorter) in recent years.  This pushes against the grain and allows promoters to offer more marketing value to exhibitors, and opens the doors to more potential revenue from web-only advertisers.

New Sponsors

For years, Baselworld has been primarily a place for jewelry makers, timepiece makers and has shunned the likes of other luxury brands.  That is changing.  Baselworld is opening its doors to fine automotive companies, and other opportunities.  Luxury real estate, aircraft, and other industries that might want to market to the same clientelle that would purchase an AP or Rolex timepiece, will get their chance starting this year.

Going Small

Although huge brands such as Rolex keep adding to their Baselworld footprint, small brands couldn't afford the prices of Baselworld past.  The new Baselworld will open the doors to the previously closed hall 2.  Here they will add small sponsors.  They will adopt smartwatches and digital watch brands, and entice them to come with a price slash of 30% off of last year's booth prices. 

Expanding Out

Baselworld is going to the city.  They want to make the new Baselworld bigger as it takes clients to the city for off-site demonstrations, viewings, and one-on-one treatment.  New events, parades, and other enticements will make Baselworld more enjoyable and allow for a more unique experience for attendees year after year.   

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