M. Shinoda X BWD Daytona

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Bamford Watch Department is a luxury watch customization company based in Mayfair, West London. It was founded in 2003 by George Bamford to personalize steel sports watches from brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet. While purists may have some reservations about bespoke Rolex watches, they have become quite fashionable recently.

Photo of M. Shinoda X BWD Daytona watch
M. Shinoda X BWD Daytona (photo: BWD)
The blacked out Rolex Daytona shown in the photo above is a collaboration between BWD and Mike Shinoda from the multi-platinum selling band Linkin Park. It features a military grade titanium coating with a skull designed by Shinoda on the dial just below 12 o'clock. This model is available only through the Bamford Watch Department and is priced at £19,000, or approximately $27,528 US according to current exchange rates.

While some on Rolex forums posit that these bespoke watches are no longer covered under Rolex's warranty, it should be noted that according to Bamford's FAQ, all of their timepieces are covered by a 2 year warranty provided by BWD. They offer several customizable design options on a range of luxury watches through their website at bamfordwatchdepartment.com. You can also see some of their work on their Instagram account.


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