Titan Black Rolex Explorer Oro

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Titan Black is a family run business based in the Mayfair area of London that specializes in customization of luxury watches made by Rolex and other watchmakers. The company offers their own range of unique luxury watches modified using their DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating and also offer their modification services on any watch provided by the customer, even allowing one to come up with their own bespoke design on their website. 

Titan Black Rolex Explorer Oro (photo: titanblack.co.uk)
Horology geeks tend to turn their noses up at modified watches, but companies like Titan Black continue to find success with those willing to spend their money on timepieces that are truly one of a kind. The watches in their Titan Black Collection, like the Rolex Explorer Oro shown above, are all sold in limited quantities. They are also the only luxury watch customization company to offer modifications on any watch, not just watches from their collection. They also offer concierge services to watch collectors, helping their clients source rare and hard to find vintage pieces

The Explorer (Reference # 214270) is one of the simplest models in Rolex's professional line. The legibility and symmetry of its dial make it easy to tell time on it. The large arabic numbers at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock are unmistakable and its otherwise clean design makes it an excellent candidate for a modification. The Oro customization from Titan Black moves the watch away from the basic stainless steel and black configuration most commonly seen on Rolex sports models. With gold on the hands, hour markers, logo and model name and their DLC coating on the case, bezel and bracelet, this watch takes on a life of its own. However, the combination of black and gold isn't at all jarring or flashy, as one may expect when imagining a modified watch.

Most of the watches in their range are blacked out as one would expect, with some exceptions. The Lathbridge watches from their collaboration with designer Patrick Cox, like the Daytona shown in the photo below from the Titan Black Instagram feed, feature a cognac colored coating. The color is a bit more earthy and warm than yellow gold, but not as pink as rose gold. The polish is subtle and allows the timepiece to avoid being considered flashy or gaudy. In addition to working with Patrick Cox, the company has also created special edition Cartier, Richard Mille and Audemars Piguet timepieces.

Customization may be considered a dirty word in the world of Rolex, but Titan Black's work offers an adventurous take on classic timepieces that is worth a look. Their pieces may not fit into everyone's collections, but they are designed to make the person wearing it feel unique and distinguished. If you are interested in seeing what a watch would look like with one of their modifications, check out the Design Your Own page on their official website, titanblack.co.uk.


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