White Gold Rolex Daytona vs Sky-Dweller Model Comparison

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Rolex's white gold Cosmograph Daytona model on black leather strap (Reference # 116519) gives the sporty chronograph an elegant look while maintaining its legacy as a watch for race car drivers. The Sky-Dweller shown below to the right of the Daytona also features a white gold/black leather configuration (Reference # 326139) with a similar aesthetic but different size and complication. The Daytona is a beloved classic model that has been around for over half a century. The Sky-Dweller is the latest model introduced by the watchmaker, designed to make it easy to keep time while traveling the globe. 

White Gold Rolex Daytona and Sky-Dweller Models Side by Side
The most obvious difference between the two white gold wristwatch models is the size of their cases. The Daytona, on the left in the photo below, features a 40 millimeter case diameter while the Sky-Dweller to the right has a 42 millimeter case. Two millimeters may not sound like much, but the difference in the height of the cases is clearly visible. Another difference that is made clear in this photo is in the design of the bezels. The Daytona has a tachymetric scale printed on its smooth bezel to allow the wearer to time laps around the race track. The Sky-Dweller is equipped with a Ring Command bezel used to choose between the time and date functions.

White Gold Rolex Daytona (Left) and Sky-Dweller (Right)
Since 2000, the Daytona model has been powered by a 4130 self-winding mechanical movement manufactured in-house by Rolex. It has a power reserve of 72 hours and a depth rating of 100 meters. The dial features center hour and minute hands, a small seconds hand a 6 o'clock, 30 minute counter at 3 o'clock and 12 hour counter at 9 o'clock. The hour markers are made from 18 carat white gold with the Arabic numerals filled with Chromalight luminescence. 

Protected by seven patents, the Sky-Dweller model is equipped with a 9001 self-winding mechanical movement also manufactured in-house by the watchmaker. It too features a power reserve of 72 hours and a depth rating of 100 meters. The black dial features center hour, minute and seconds hands, a 24-hour display on an off-center disc and 12 month apertures around the circumference of the dial, with stop-seconds for precise time setting. 

The Arabic numerals of the Sky-Dweller are made from 18 carat white gold, but without the Chromalight luminescence used on the Daytona model. And, as you can see in the photo below, the Daytona (sitting atop the Sky-Dweller) features a Triplock winding crown while the Sky-Dweller uses a Twinlock winding crown. 

White Gold Rolex Daytona atop Sky-Dweller 
Another notable difference between the two is the fact that Rolex doesn't offer a white gold Cosmograph Daytona with a black dial on leather strap in their 2016 collection, so pricing will vary depending on where you find one. The suggested retail price for the 2016 Sky-Dweller in white gold on black leather strap is approximately $39,550 US. 

While there are obvious differences between these two white gold Rolex models, the Daytona and the Sky-Dweller both offer a sporty style that becomes timeless when paired with a black leather strap. Size, availability and complications will ultimately sway consumers one way or another, but both of these configurations offer a robust list of features that are sure to please anyone. For more information of these models, check out the Rolex Models page of this site or visit rolex.com


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