2016 Everose Gold Rolex Day-Date

October 03, 2016

To honor the 60th anniversary of the presidents' watch, Rolex released the Day-Date 40 model in Everose gold and white gold with an olive green dial, the watchmaker's signature color. Powered by a Calibre 3255 manufactured in-house by Rolex, this Superlative Chronometer has a power reserve of 70 hours and functions with a precision of -2/+2 seconds per day. Its 40 millimeter case size brings this classic dress watch into the 21st century while preserving the sophistication that has made this model a favorite amongst the most powerful men in the world for over half a century.

2016 Everose Gold Rolex Day-Date 40 (photo: Rolex/Giovanni Corte)

Among the most prestigious of all Rolex models, the Day-Date 40 features a President bracelet made up of three semi-circular links that conceal the Crownclasp. It has a depth rating of 100 meters thanks to its Oyster case, which is sealed with double watertight security by a Twinlock winding crown. The fluted bezel is characteristic of Rolex's dress watches, encircling the crystal with refracted light. The combination of Everose gold with the olive green dial shown above (Reference # 228235) creates a beautiful color balance that is unique and refreshing when compared to more common precious metal configurations.

The Day-Date model is a favorite of celebrities, as you can see on my Celebrities Wearing Rolex Watches page. This versatile model pleases a wide range of tastes due to its classic aesthetic and clean display. While many, like Justin Timberlake and Victoria Beckham, choose to sport the yellow gold configuration (Reference # 228238), the rose gold configuration is a wonderful choice for anyone who wants their timepiece to stand out. The olive green dial will surely be limited, making it possible for this configuration to appreciate over time if availability should become limited.

For more information on this and other Rolex 2016 models, visit the Rolex Models page on this site or visit rolex.com. The Day-Date is also available in Platinum with an ice blue dial or yellow gold.


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