Rolex Case Size Comparison: Deepsea vs Sky-Dweller

October 26, 2016

Two of the larger sized Rolex models, the cases of the Deepsea (Reference # 116660) and Sky-Dweller (Reference # 326139) measure 44 millimeters and 42 millimeters, respectively. With a thickness of approximately 17.7 millimeters, the Deepsea towers over the 14 millimeter thick Sky-Dweller. I have put together a few photos of the two cases to show their relative size compared to each other and other popular Rolex models, like the Cosmograph Daytona (Reference # 116509) and Submariner Date (Reference # 116610LN), both featuring 40 millimeter cases.

White Gold Rolex Sky-Dweller Case (left) and Rolex Deepsea Case (right)
The photo above shows the case of the Sky-Dweller next to the Deepsea's case. The Deepsea looks significantly larger even though the difference between the two in terms of thickness and diameter is only a few millimeters. However, when dealing with wristwatch sizes, a few millimeters can make the difference between a watch that looks great on your wrist and a watch that looks like it's weighing your wrist down.

White Gold Rolex Sky-Dweller Case (top) and Rolex Deepsea Case (bottom)
In this photo, with one on top of the other, you can clearly see the difference in thickness between the two models. You can also notice the slight difference in color between the Sky-Dweller case, made from 18 carat white gold, and the Deepsea case, made from 904L stainless steel. The bezel and crystal of the Deepsea certainly add thickness to the robust case. In the photo it even looks like the Sky-Dweller is floating above the Deepsea due to the protruding domed crystal.

White Gold Rolex Sky-Dweller (left) and White Gold Daytona (right)
The photo above places the Sky-Dweller's case next to the 40 millimeter case of the white gold Cosmograph Daytona model. The Daytona represents the standard size of the 2016 collection of Rolex professional watches. Just over 12 millimeters thick, it sits lower than the Sky-Dweller on the wrist, with about two millimeters between them.

Rolex Deepsea (top) and Stainless Steel Submariner Date (bottom)
In this final photo, I placed the Deepsea atop the Submariner Date, another watch that measures 40 millimeters and just over 12 millimeters in thickness. The bezel of the Sub makes it a hair thicker than the Daytona, yet it is still dwarfed by the Deepsea case.

It is easy to assume that the Rolex models with larger cases are relatively the same size. However, when you factor in the thickness and the extra millimeters in diameter, there is a big difference between the Deepsea case and that of the Sky-Dweller. The Sky-Dweller is more comparable to the Daytona in terms of size, leaving the Deepsea in a class of its own. The bezels on these models also make a difference in terms of size, with the rotatable ceramic bezels of the dive watches adding to the thickness of the case. Ultimately, it is always a good idea to try on a watch before committing to a purchase, but if your local Authorized Dealer doesn't have one in stock, I hope these photos help you figure out the relative size of each of these models.


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