Rolex Adds User Guides to Their Official Website

4:18 PM

2017 Rolex Sky-Dweller User Guide (photo: Rolex)
Rolex isn't a brand that is known for overly complicated watches. They have only a few models that require some know-how to set the different functions and for those models they have added a User Guides section to their official website. If you own a Yacht-Master II, Sky-Dweller or the new Cellini Moonphase, you may benefit from checking it out.

The animated guides bring the user manual to life, with step-by-step instructions to walk you through the different settings. The Sky-Dweller presents the most complications, with setting instructions for the Reference Time, Local Time and Month and Date. The guide also lets the Cellini Moonphase owner know the correct position of the moon and how to get their timepiece to display it properly. Setting instructions for the Yacht-Master II's Regatta Timer are also presented for before and after the Regatta begins.

The User Guides section appears after the watchmaker has made several adjustments to their website. The latest updates seem to favor Rolex watch owners and potential customers. They added pricing to many of their more modestly-priced configurations just before Baselworld 2017 and have also been adding content tailored toward women, like the recent Every Rolex Tells a Story entry by Sylvia Earle. Although they do not sell timepieces through e-commerce on the site, it is the watchmaker's direct link to their target market.

Visit to check out the latest updates and links to their social media accounts. While you are not able to order a wristwatch directly from them, they do have a store locator function that will guide you to the nearest Authorized Dealer. There is also information on where to service your Rolex and how to maintain it when it's at home.


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