Should I Add Variety to My Watch Collection?

November 30, 2016

Watches owned by collectors are as varied as the collectors themselves. If you have spent time on watch forums you may have come across collectors posing questions about which timepiece to add to their collection next. As one could imagine, the answers usually run the gamut and offer more insights about the responders than the watches in question. However, there are a few factors that one might take into consideration when deciding which timepieces to add to their collections. 

Stainless Steel Professional Rolex Models
Perhaps the most logical way to decide which watch to add to your collection is by functionality. Dive watches like the stainless steel Submariner are a popular first choice for watch enthusiasts. Those who have an affinity for nautical watches may add a Deepsea next, but it may be more sensible to go with a GMT-Master II instead as it adds a different complication to the mix. Other popular complications include chronometers, regatta timers, moon phase indicators and, of course, date displays. The choice to vary a watch collection based on functionality is ideal for those who would rather stick to one aesthetic, like the combination of black and stainless steel shown in most of the watched in the photo above. 

Those who are fine with owning several watches with the same complications usually vary their collections by choosing watches made from different materials. Many start their collections with stainless steel models, adding precious metal configurations as they go along. Yellow and rose gold may not be for everyone, but they certainly add color to any collection. The yellow gold Yacht-Master II model is a fine example of a nautical watch that stands out amongst the rest of Rolex's professional models. I've also seen many collections consisting of Submariners in various materials. While gold may be a little flashy to wear as a daily beater, it makes for a classic addition to any watch collection.

Anyone who collects vintage watches loves to find rare references that are hard to come by. Many such configurations were sold in the Phillips auction in Hong Kong this past weekend. While they fetch a large amount, rare timepieces like the "Paul Newman Oyster Sotto" make excellent additions to any collection. In addition to increasing their monetary value, the rarity and legacy of these timepieces make them the perfect piece de resistance for any collector. This also goes for new watches as well. The watches in the 2016 and upcoming 2017 Rolex Oyster Collection that are less popular now and thus not produced as much as, say, the Submariner, may increase in value after production ceases and only limited quantities are out there. This was the case for the Paul Newman Daytona, so it is worth considering as well. 

As I usually conclude when making suggestions about which watches to buy, the ultimate decision is up to the collector. While there are many reasons that motivate people to buy the watches they buy, the most important reason is weather you feel that you would be better off with the watch in your collection. For those who are less adventurous with their aesthetic, there are many black and stainless steel Rolex models for you to choose from. For those who prefer a bold statement, they make many gold models that demand attention. For more information visit the Rolex Models page on this blog or visit

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