What's the Difference Between Rolex Glidelock and Fliplock?

November 07, 2016

Rolex offers a few different extension systems for their clasps, each with a different way of adding length to the bracelet. For their diver's watches, they have have a combination of systems, the Glidelock and Fliplock extension systems, that help the bracelets of their dive watches fit comfortably over a wetsuit. 

Oysterlock Clasp of the Submariner (left) and Oysterlock Clasp of Deepsea with Rack Lifted
Using a toothed panel located under the clasp cover, the Glidelock extension system allows the wearer to glide the extension to increase the length of the bracelet by 20 millimeters in increments of 2 millimeters. The Submariner, Submariner Date and Sea-Dweller 4000 all feature the Glidelock, allowing their bracelets to be fitted over a 3 millimeter thick dive suit. The Deepsea model features a full diver's extension, combining the Glidelock with a rack that lifts, as shown in the photo above, and a Fliplock extension system that increases the bracelet length by an additional 26 millimeters, allowing it to fit over a 7 millimeter thick wetsuit.

Fully Extended Bracelets of the Submariner (top) and Deepsea (bottom)
Aside from the additional length added to the bracelet of the Deepsea, illustrated in the photo above, the lifting of the Glidelock rack allows the wearer to adjust the length with the watch on the wrist. You can see the extended Fliplock link on the Deepsea bracelet extended from the clasp in the photo. The Sea-Dweller 4000 also features a Fliplock extension, but only the Deepsea comes with the lifting rack to adjust the length without removing the watch. For more information on Rolex's extension systems, check out my post here.


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