Rolex Yacht-Master and Pearlmaster Models Introduced in 1992

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Rolex released two new models in 1992 that used precious metals and stones to differentiate them from other popular models: the Yacht-Master, shown below in 18 karat yellow gold, and the diamond-clad Lady Datejust Pearlmaster. 
photo of First Rolex Yacht-Master Model Released in 1992
First Rolex Yacht-Master Model Released in 1992 (photo: Rolex)
Many claim that the Yacht-Master model released in 1992 was meant to be an upgraded version of the Submariner model, but Rolex decided to keep the Submariner as is and release this model as a boating watch, as opposed to a dive watch.

For all intents and purposes, it looks like the same watch. However, the Yacht-Master was the first professional Rolex model available in three sizes - 29 mm, 35 mm and 40 mm. Rolex used 18 karat gold on the Yacht-Master, including on the bezel, which featured raised numerals. The 40 mm version uses the same movement as the Sub, adding to their similarities.

photo of First Rolex Pearlmaster Model from 1992
First Rolex Pearlmaster Model from 1992 (photo: Rolex)
The Pearlmaster was also introduced that year as an amped up version of the classic Lady Datejust model. The fist model, shown in the photo above, featured a diamond bezel and a brand new Pearlmaster bracelet, a smoother, more elegant version of the Oyster bracelet. In subsequent models, the links of the bracelet are lined with diamonds as well.

While both models adhere to Rolex design standards for the most part, they each offer variations on popular models that appeal to a wealthier demographic. While the Yacht-Master bears similarities to the Submariner, the name and materials used suggest that this model is designed for the captain of the vessel, not the divers onboard.


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