When Should I Service My Rolex?

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There are as many opinions about how often to service your Rolex watches as there are opinions about the watches themselves. While experiences vary and every watch is different, Rolex recommends that their timepieces receive service at least every five years. The servicing itself takes about a month and includes several tests to make sure that the timepiece is functioning optimally. 

When To Service Your Rolex (photo: Rolex)
When To Service Your Rolex (photo: Rolex/Jean-Daniel Mayer)
When you drop off your watch for a service, it is initially inspected to assess any damage that would require additional repairs beyond the standard servicing. Damage to the crystal, dial or major components of the movement like the balance wheel or crystals would require repairs beyond the scope of a standard service. The servicing does cover the replacement of smaller parts of the movement like wheels, cogs and springs, though.

The actual servicing entails disassembling the entire movement, washing and lubricating the parts, replacing the waterproof seals and putting the movement back together again. The case and bracelet are polished and once the watch is put back together it undergoes several tests before going back to the client. The power reserve is tested followed by waterproof pressure testing to make sure that the case has no leaks that would break the seal of the case. The precision of the watch is also tested on a machine that simulates the movement of the watch on the wrist for a few days, allowing the watchmaker to make sure that the watch isn't losing time.

The reason it is important to get servicing done every few years is that the replacement of the lubricants and cleaning of the parts increases the longevity of the timepiece and keeps the parts from drying up and corroding over time. For more information on servicing your Rolex visit rolex.com to find a service center near you.


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