Will Rolex Introduce a GMT-Master II 'Coke' at Baselworld 2017?

12:07 PM

2017 Rolex GMT-Master II 'Coke' Concept Design
With Baselworld 2017 coming up this month, predictions have been swirling on the Internet, leading many enthusiasts to discuss what model updates they want to see from Rolex. Among the most talked about rumors is the addition of a GMT-Master II configuration with a black and red Cerachrom bezel, a combination known as 'Coke' by fans of the brand.

I took to Photoshop to create a visual of the configuration based on the current GMT-Master II models. Most of the comment and forum threads suggest that a stainless steel version is the most desired. It will be interesting to see if Rolex grants their wish, as many surmise that adding another stainless steel configuration will cannibalize sales of their current BLNR model. Right now they offer the GMT2 in stainless steel with either a black bezel or the 'Batman' bezel, a combination of blue and black.

The GMT-Master II BLRO is available in white gold, know as the 'Pepsi' for the bezel's semblance to the soda company's logo. Rolex could just as easily add a white gold 'Coke' to the mix, which would be less of a threat to the BLNR based on the price point of the precious metal configurations. Looking at the current collection of Daytona models suggests that the watchmaker is more likely to offer several options on precious metal configurations while limiting the variety of stainless steel models.

The 2017 Rolex models will not hit Authorized Dealers until the summer, but we will receive confirmation on which configurations they will introduce in only a few weeks. I offered my opinion on what I would like to see from the watchmaker in a previous post. My material choices may be ambitious based on Rolex's reticence to introduce new configurations based on current trends, but you never know. This may be the year that Rolex goes out on a limb. It has happened in decades past, after all.


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