Tyson Beckford Wears a Rolex Deepsea

4:14 PM

Tyson Beckford is an American model who recently made headlines for brawling with the fiancé of his ex-girlfriend, Australian model Shanina Shaik, in New York City a couple weeks ago. Beckford is currently based in Miami, Florida and TMZ caught up with his ex at the airport in Miami yesterday and asked her about the altercation. 

American Model Tyson Beckford Wearing a Rolex Deepsea (photo: Rolex Forums)
Beckford got his big break in the early nineties as a model for Ralph Lauren's Polo and has been working as a model and actor ever since. Last year he headlined the Chippendales show in Las Vegas.  He is photographed above wearing a Rolex Deepsea.

Beckford has a collection of luxury watches that can be seen all over his Instagram feed. He has been photographed with a Rolesor Submariner, but he was sporting his Deepsea in the photo below at Coachella earlier this year.


A photo posted by Tyson C. Beckford (@tysoncbeckford) on

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