Rolex 3187 Movement

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The Rolex Calibre 3187 is a self-winding mechanical movement developed by Rolex for the Explorer II model in 2011. All of the elements of the movement were manufactured by the watchmaker, including the Parachrom Blue Hairspring

Rolex 3187 Movement
The certified Swiss Chronometer is slightly larger and thicker than its predecessor, the 3186 movement found in previous models, to fit into the 42mm case of the Explorer II. This movement features a 24 hour hand that displays a second time zone, one of the main features of the Explorer II. 

One of the crowning features of this movement is the addition of Rolex's Paraflex shock absorber. Replacing the KIT shock absorber in the 3186, the Paraflex shock absorber is manufactured by Rolex and is said to absorb up to 50% more shock than other shock protection systems.


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